LILAC Extreme WaterProofing Paint (20L)


LILAC,made of styrene acrylic polymer, is highly resistant to water leakages, possesses damp resistive finishing and is non-toxic to health.


LILAC EXTREME WATERPROOFING PANIT is mainly made of styrene acrylic polymer and other admixtures. It is a water-based damp-proof coating. The product is a new generation of environmental protecting waterproof coating without solvent pollution, non-toxic and no heavy metals. And it can firmly bond with surfaces of concrete; cement walls, wooden furniture, steel roofs and to other decorative materials.


Resistant to elevated temperature, water.
Good climate resistance, excellent cohesiveness.
Prevents salt penetration into substance.
Non-toxic, Non-flammable, No Heavy metals, Eco-friendly.


Water-based Styrene Acrylic Polymer Waterproofing paint avoids 100% water leakages, fully covers fine crack due to its elasticity. Long term protection is guaranteed due to strong bond forming polymer. Fungal resistants avoids moss and fungus. Reduce inner temperature. Protect from all sort of environmental conditions.


All weather protection
Dirt and Dust resistant
UV resistant and Sun Reflect technology
Algal and Fungal resistant
Heat Reducing


Concrete Surfaces, Cement walls, Bathrooms, Blind walls, Roofs, Outdoor furniture, Metal Roofs 


Prior to application of LILAC EXTREME WATERPROOFING PAINT, surface must be prepared as mentioned below to avoid failure: The surface shall be cleaned to remove all dust, foreign matters, loos materials or any deposits of contamination which could affect the bond between the surface and the LILAC EXTREME WATERPROOFING PAINT coating. New flat surface like sub-base concrete shall be made reasonably smooth so as not to impede the application of LILAC EXTREME WATERPROOFING PAINT coating and to avoid sharp projection. 


1st Coating 2L of Paint with 1L of Water, 2nd Coating 3L of Paint with 1L of water 3rd Coating is necessary if place is exclusively wet (like 2nd Coat) Please note that: Stir the paint well until homogenous. Please make sure the lid tightly closed when not in use to avoid the dust and dirt contamination coating.


1L of paint covers 70-80 square feets (this figure depends on the surface quality) Two paint coatings needs at least 5 hours gap. 


Brush, Roller or Spry gun. Tools must be cleaned before use.

HEALTH & SAFETY         

When processing and applying, use hand gloves & eye covers. If contacted with eyes, wash immediately with flowing water and seek medical treatment. Store properly and keep out of reach of children. 


1L, 4L, 10L, & 20L Container


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